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MayaCREWThrough private financial contributions, MayaCREW provides support for the broad range of ACEBAR’s education, leadership and well-being projects in Chichicastenango, Guatemala including:

  • Education scholarships for on average 250 Maya children living in poverty
  • Funding required school supplies for all scholarship students
  • Funding local ACEBAR team to administer scholarships and resources for schools, teachers and students
  • Support for leadership programs, scholarship family meetings
  • Support for local teachers and schools
  • Small library of Spanish language reference books
  • Social services including home visits for selected families, food baskets for grammar school scholarship recipients families


MayaCREW/ACEBAR funds on average 250 scholarships annually for the rural Maya children in the area of Chichicastenango. Scholarship recipients attend school in their local community.  MayaCREW/ACEBAR supports children in more than two dozen remote rural locations.  Many children receiving scholarships from our program come from single parent families.  Most children are contributors to the family income by selling goods in the marketplace or caring for younger siblings while the mother works in the market. Therefore, when a child goes to school, the parent has made the commitment to the value of education for their child. Sustainability is essential in the commitment that we’ve made to the children of Chichicastenango and their families and MayaCREW’s donors are the key to this sustainability. MayaCREW is proud to have sustained our commitment to ACEBAR and the communities in the municipality of Chichicastenango for over ten years!

School Supplies

Each scholarship student receives a complete bag of school supplies required to attend class. Family resources are limited, so the school supplies provided through funding from MayaCREW are essential since students are not allowed to attend school without the required supplies.

MayaCREWThe ACEBAR Education Resource Center – Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Our Guatemalan partner organization, ACEBAR, plays an important and respected role in education in the pueblo and municipality of Chichicastenango. ACEBAR works collaboratively with local school administrators and teachers to understand the needs within the community.  Based on the needs, ACEBAR shapes the scholarship program and provides necessary addition resources to schools and families.  Each year, ACEBAR has regular meetings with all scholarship families to provide guidance on the importance of education and encouragement on how families can support their children as they progress through school.  The ACEBAR team conducts school visits and family support visits as needed to help facilitate the successful progress of students through each grade level. MayaCREW/ACEBAR scholarship recipients have a very high continuation/pass rate relative to national averages. This is in good part attributed to the attentive and supportive collaboration of ACEBAR with the dedicated scholarship students and their families.




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